Nine Fish Art Gallery    12th January 2024 - 10th February 2024

Transmit’, an exhibition of paintings and installations, invites the visitors into a world of tranquility and contemplation, wherein, even in the midst of a turbulent world, they can reflect upon the complexity and beauty of what surrounds us and makes us. Anant Nikam continues in this exhibition on his lifelong quest to find tranquility at the borders of imagination and abstraction.

Nikam’s long journey into abstraction has been through printmaking, specifically through lino etching, allowing him to experiment with textural surfaces and develop a visual vocabulary of signs and symbols stemming from folk and tribal traditions. Over the years his works have gained a vibrant and deeply meaningful tapestry. His works in many senses have bridged the vast gap between our rural and proto-historical past and our complex present by bringing forth archaic symbols into an avant garde urban form of abstract representation.