Shores of Serenity

14 - 21 January, 2024

 In collaboration with Dot Line Space Art Foundation, curatorial methodologist Kaur Chimuk initiates a collaborative exploration of Chilika’s diverse landscapes. Through the perspectives of visual 7 practitioners from the North-East and extended East region, the project seeks to cultivate dialogue on deep ecology and collective consciousness. Our objective is to construct a comprehensive visual representation of this crucial ecosystem, addressing climate-induced changes and advocating for a decolonial ecological perspective. As an evolving initiative, we extend an invitation for you to become a patron and actively contribute to shaping its future. Your support will play a crucial role in the research, development, and overall growth of this groundbreaking program.

Studio Visits


Swapnil Godase

Date: 18th February, 2024
Time: 11 am

A graduate from the Sir J. J. School of Art, Swapnil Godase has specialized in Metal Craft. Having achieved excellence with Canvas, Copper, Brass, Metal Scraps, and Fiberglass, he experiments frequently with new media. His core profile revolves around developing techniques of Repousse and shaping sheet metals like Copper, Brass and Steel. His regular contribution to social art activities, workshops and events has enhanced his professional skills further. The artist is currently developing Experimental Art concepts depicting inspirations from daily life.

Godase’s Studio was founded in 2010. The studio not only specializes in metal as medium but is also expertly well versed in any mode of expression.


Anjana Mehra

Date: 27th August, 2023
Time: 11 am

Anjana Mehra is a Mumbai-based artist whose explorations in art began as a nine-year-old at boarding school, where she was encouraged to develop co-curricular interests. Art became a mode of expression, and eventually, her destiny.

After graduating from Sir J.J. School of Art in 1965, she moved to M.S. University in Baroda to specialize in printmaking at a time when printing presses were rarefied contraptions. However, the rigorous, premeditative process of etching prints gradually led to her yearning for a more spontaneous medium which led to her working with graphite and colored powders, oils and mixed media. Anjana’s body of work gives voice to the trials and tribulations faced by those who have been displaced from their homes during times of conflict. The plight of the innocent victims caught in the middle of social, political and religious unrest is what she depicts through her works.

Mehra has had a score of solo exhibitions, and has participated in forty-five group exhibitions nationally and internationally, in addition to biennales and other events. She has travelled extensively for workshops to countries like Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, Kenya, Cambodia and Israel. Having had diverse experience in the creative field for almost 50 years Anjana shares insights on her creative Journey, her developing process in painting, printmaking and mixed media. She portrays her new found language in art which still holds a significant place in the contemporary era.


Prafull Singh

Date: 30th July, 2023
Time: 11 am

Prafull Singh (1976) Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. He completed his B.F.A from the M.S University in Baroda. He also received his Post Diploma in Sculpture from the same university in 2001. He lives and works in Mumbai.

He received the Harmony Award (Reliance Industries)-2004, Bendre-Husain Award from the Bombay Art Society- 2003, 2001 Lalit Kala Academy Gujrat – 1 9 9 9 and Lalit kala Academy Artist Scholarship,New Delhi-2001. He has participated in several camps / symposiums and seminar incl. Emami Chisel Art Foundation- Kolkata, Reliance Sculpture Symposium, Mumbai, Goanka Art foundation- Kolkata, Sculpture Symposium- Hyderabad and Scrap sculpture symposium – Jaipur.

His seven solo shows includes at NehruCenter- Mumbai, Indian Habitat Center -New Delhi, Jehangir Art Gallery- Mumbai, Sridharni Gallery – New Delhi, Apparao Gallery and Vag-Habita center- New Delhi

He has exhibited extensively within India and abroad in important group shows.His works are part of important collections and auction houses such as the RPG, Reliance Industries, Bajaj Allianz, Park Hotels, Modi Group, Alembic, Uttraayaan-Baroda, Astaguru The Times of India, Bayer’s, Jyoti Ltd and Ocean’s.


Ravi Mandlik

Date: 28th May, 2023

Ravi Mandlik was born in the year 1960 at Achalpur, Maharashtra. He completed his G.D. Art in painting with first class first from Sir J. J.
School of Art, Mumbai. He was a member of teaching faculty of L.S. Raheja School of Art, Mumbai and Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai for a
considerable period of time.

He has had several prominent solo exhibitions all over the country.

Internationally, he has been a part of several eminent art shows like ‘Imprints’, The Ueno Royal Museum Tokyo, 2007; & ‘Power of Peace’, Bali, 2007, organized by Tao art gallery; International show organized by Articulate, New York, 2007; ‘ The India art Show 2006’; The Chapel Gallery, Singapore; ‘Maratha Kaleidoscope’ Al Diyafa Center, Satwa, Dubai, 2002; W/ N Millennium Show at London, Brussels, Stockholm, and New York,
1999; International Art Exhibition, Yokohama Citizens’ Gallery, Japan, 1995.

He has done final painting for Kiran Rao’s film ‘DHOBI GHAT’

He has bagged several awards for his outstanding works. He is one of the five winning artist from India for the Winsor & Newton worldwide millennium painting competition held in the year 1999. He was awarded the Bendre-Hussain Scholarship from BAS Mumbai in the year 1995-96. In the year 1992, he won the International awarded of Seychelles Visual Art Biennale from the Seychelles Govt. Others include award from the Art Society of India (1985), Usha Deshmukh Gold-Medal from Sir J.J. School of Art (1985), and Fellowship from Sir J. J. School of Art (1984).

He was invited to visit and represent India in an International Art Exhibition organized by Yokohama Citizens’ Gallery, Japan.

His paintings are a part of collection at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai and Delhi; Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi; Maharashtra State Government and many private collections in India and abroad.

Art 35

Art35 - 5th Edition

14 - 17 October, 2022

Art35 is an Art Exhibition and Event which celebrates and promotes 35 young Artists from the Indian sub-continent all under the Age of 35! Their paintings, installations, sculptures, films, videos and performances are presented by Nine Fish Art Gallery in association with Dot Line Space Art Foundation, at Byculla in Mumbai. That’s the prime focus of Art35.

Art35 - 4th Edition

16 - 19 January, 2020

Art35 is an Art Exhibition and Event which celebrates and promotes 35 young Artists from the Indian sub-continent all under the Age of 35! Their paintings, installations, sculptures, films, videos and performances are presented by Nine Fish Art Gallery in association with Dot Line Space Art Foundation, at Byculla in Mumbai. That’s the prime focus of Art35.

Clay Festival

Art Camp

National Art Camp

14 - 17 April, 2016

Between the Sayhadri hills & Vaitarna river 15 Indian Artists come together from 10 cities for an Artistic Collaboration of Traditional, Folk & Contemporary styles for a four Days (14-17 April 2016) National Art Camp being held in the Tribal district of Maharashtra, Palghar in the Village of Pimplas.

  • Art Talks
  • Discussion on
  • Contemporary Art Issues
  • Students & Professionals coming together
  • Sharing Workspaces
  • Guiding Mentoring Learning

Some the most ground-breaking artistic works have been created when artists with knowledge and experience from distant genres and unrelated forms collide and spark new ideas and we have seen and appreciate the results of these creative collisions. What we want to talk about now is the creative magic that results from the formation of creative groups through collaboration.

In the second week of April dot line and space will play host to an Art Camp which will offer an enriching experience to artists to create new visions of the world. Free flowing thoughts, ideas, technical aspects, knowledge and experience will give rise to a multitude of creative advancements as a veritable mix of artists from all over India will collaborate amidst the inspirational surroundings of the Vaitarna river flowing ceaselessly against the backdrop of the majestic Sahyadri range in the tribal district of Palghar, Maharashtra. Students on the other hand will gain insight as they explore and experience for themselves by working alongside the master of a particular form.

What’s important is that no matter what the circumstances, these collaborations can unlock untold creative riches and you just don’t know what they might be until you try. Nevertheless, the give and take of collaboration can be energizing to all parties and be well worth the time spent.

The esteemed panel of artists include:

  2. CHIPPA SUDHAKAR – Hyderabad
  3. DOUGLAS JOHN – Mumbai
  5. BRAJMOHAN ARYA – Jabalpur
  6. HELEN BALA BRAHMA – Bhubaneshwar
  8. SHILPA NIKAM – Mumbai
  9. SHARDUL KADAM – Mumbai
  10. SHRUTI BHOSLE – Mumbai
  11. PIYUSH BAVALIA – Mumbai
  12. AMAN NEGI – Himachal Pradesh
  13. GOURMONI DAS – Tripura
  15. SEHAM KABLY – Dubai

Art Residency

Cultural Activities