About The Art Foundation

Dot Line Space Art Foundation was created with the sole aim of creating a cultural space that presents new thinking and fearless creativity, illuminates ideas, inspires understanding,and interrogates social issues through art. The Foundation has been instrumental in conducting art exhibitions, and varied activities for art students and upcoming artists from all demographics to receive quality art education and experience. To encourage learning, the foundation bestows scholarships, stipends, honors and prizes, and other forms of assistance to aid the pursuance of art and culture-related activities.

Having born out of a desire to nourish viewership and sustenance in creative expression and artistic practice, Dot Line Space Art Foundation holds an extensive art collection to engage the interest of connoisseurs and believes that diversity is an important source of learning for the artist. The foundation has periodically collaborated with local, national, and international organizations to create activities like Residences, etc. The foundation has been influential in
the art fraternity for empowering artists and artisans worldwide by providing opportunities and encouraging multi-disciplinary collaborations and exchanges. Dot Line Space Art Foundation seeks to engage the community and educate the public on various social and geo-political issues, offering a platform for critical dialogue. With the development of such endeavors, innovation, and sustainability, we believe in the necessity of such efforts in facilitating change and progress.

Who we are

At Dot Line Space, we create, curate, collaborate and celebrate art in its diverse forms.

Since its inception, Dot Line Space has strived to become an art platform – from murals, paintings, sculptures, installations, set design to organising promotional art events, camps and workshops, we do it all. We’re here to bridge the gap between creators, their works, students, the market, and you.

We believe in bringing together different art movements from around the globe and creating spaces which become talking points of historically diverse visual expressions. Our curation formats are imbued with sensitivity and debate, as we try to bring the regional arts and crafts of our country to the forefront. We aim to unleash each artist’s true essence with absolute integrity through our art shows.

Art is a profound language and we are here to convey its many nuances to you.

Core Members

Gourmoni Das

Founder and Director

Team Members


Dr. Anurag Kanoria

Dr. Anurag Kanoria grew up in Mumbai amidst an atmosphere...

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Sonal Sancheti

Sonal Sancheti is founding partner of _Opolis, an multidisciplinary...

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Viji Venkatesh

Viji Venkatesh is the Region Head (South Asia) at The Max...

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Sandeep Manchekar

Sandeep started his journey with ceramics at the age of eight...

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Curatorial Advisor and Team

Anuj Daga

Anuj is an architect, writer, and curator based in Mumbai...

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Dr. Awdesh Mishra

Dr. Awdesh Prasad Mishra is an artist and art educator...

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Arch. Prashant Prabhu

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Dr. Punarvasu Joshi

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Project Coordinator

Avani Kale

Avani is an alumna of Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art,...

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Bansari Chavda

Bansri is a veteran painter and art educator who explores...

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Leon Xavier

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Manjit Gogoi

Manjit Gogoi is an artist who was raised in the lush Assamese...

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Tanvi Patil

Tanvi Patil is a visual designer and writer based in Mumbai and...

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Sudhir Pradhan

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Suryasarathi Bhattacharya

Suryasarathi Bhattacharya is a writer and editor whose...

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Legal & Administration

ADV Sagar Jadhav

Experienced Advocate with a demonstrated history...

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Ajit Nimbalkar & Associates

Ajit Nimbalkar & Associates is located at Pune and has more...

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Aman Gupta

Gallery Assistant at Nine Fish & Dot Line Space (since 2018)...

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Kumkum Jain

Kumkum Jain is an Artist, writer, creative thinker from...

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Harsh Singh

I’m a student at Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art and work as...

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