Following the last edition, this time as well, we aim to uncover another aspect of climate justice, especially in the context of Chilka. Our curatorial focus this time will be more about the polemic understanding of ‘surface’ beyond its literal explanation. Curatorially, we aim to demonstrate how we can elaborate our observations from the lens of micro-sustainability through cross-disciplinary artistic exchange. We welcome your practices if they engage in dialogues about collective criticism around the plural meanings of excavating narratives from beneath the surface of fractured reality that urban bodies have adopted around ‘eco-binaries’.

Feel free to submit your previous explorations regarding environmentally responsible materials, the relationship between ourselves and nature, and raising awareness of the sensitivity of natural ecosystems while minimizing disturbance by human interaction, and promoting the conservation of threatened habitats and reserves. In short, ‘Whispers Beneath the Surface’ will be our area of discussion, which on one hand will trace unseen ecological chronicles through creative senses, allowing imagination to frame new narratives beyond post-colonial knowledge hierarchies. The goal is to initiate a collective dialogue involving the local community and practitioners, addressing ongoing habitat loss.


  • Facilitating participatory dialogue around climate justice
  • Engaging with post-colonial knowledge resources related to deep ecology
  • Establishing a collaborative bridge between contemporary artistic disciplines and native community practices
  • Promoting upcycling methods
  • Supporting sustainable cultural practices across South Asia and Southeast Asia

Program Structure:

  1. This opportunity is for creative practitioners in the early and mid-career based in India and broadly South Asia/South-East Asia, offering a 12-day residency at Chilika (Balugaon), Odisha from 19th June – 30th June 2024
  2. The residencies share special attention toward eco-sustainable creative exploration through constructive research and the development of a new body of work. They are made public through open studios and events, encouraging interaction, dialogue, and professional networking. 
  3. During the residency, we provide quality curatorial support through dialogues and collective discussions. However, catalysts are also expected to be proactive and self-motivated, leading the research and production of their work while in Odisha.

Application Background:

  1. This opportunity is open to contemporary creative practitioners working across all disciplines, in the early and mid-career based in India and broadly South-Asia/South-East Asia. Applicants who currently reside outside of the suggested region are not eligible for this opportunity at this moment. 
  2. Applicants are free to communicate with their preferred mother tongue, for our mutual understanding our team is fluent in Odisha, Bengali, Hindi, Assamese, and English – just in case you are comfortable with some other language, you have to share your requirements in advance. We expect at least a moderate level of spoken English is helpful for us to be able to engage in artistic discussions with the wider network. 
  3. The selected practitioners should be able to engage discursively and speculatively with the local environment and wider artistic and cultural context. With this in mind, applicants should submit a project proposal within their application, outlining their specific research interests and intentions for the residency. Due to limited resources and facilities, we are unable to offer residencies to artistic duos or collectives.
  4. A curatorial body, in collaboration with a representative from Dot Line Space Art Foundation, will prioritize applications from the North-East and East regions. However, the foundation welcomes submissions from across India.

Application Procedure:

We accept digital applications only. Please use the online application. Your application should include the following:.

  1. A cover letter in ONE PDF file only with your legal name, home or contact address, e-mail, and telephone numbers, plus confirmation that you will be available from 18th June –30th June 2024 if selected.
  2. If applicable, please include any relevant social media handles and a link to your website.

    Please note: this information is used in official documents so artists who work under alternative names should provide both their preferred name and their legal name as written on official documents; please ensure all the required information is included in the cover sheet.

  3. An artist’s statement describing your practice and areas of interest (max. 250 words).
  4. A brief statement outlining your proposed plans for the residency, including a short description of a research project tailored to the context of Chilka, Odisha. This proposal is not definitive and can change throughout the residency (max. 250 words).
  5. Between 10 – 15 images or video/sound extracts of recent work, with captions and a short description if necessary (max. 100 words per artwork).
  6. A CV/Resume.
  7. Any relevant documentation (e.g., selected articles or papers about work, exhibitions, publications). Please note that there is a 10MB limit on pdf submissions. If your file is not in PDF format or is over 10MB, you will not be able to submit it.

Residency will offer: 

  1. 24-hour access to a fully accessible collective working studio.
  2. To and from travel costs will be covered by the Foundation.
  3. An artist honorarium of 10,000 INR will be shared at the end of the program.
  4. A materials budget of 3,000 INR.
  5. A dedicated residency page on the Foundation’s website.
  6. A short video interview and presentation in advance of the Open Studio to introduce the artists’ work.
  7. Opportunities to meet with other artists, arts professionals, researchers, and patrons during the residency.

Rules & Regulations:

Due to the nature of the program, our curatorial body would like to emphasize that we are particular about the applicant’s commitment to this exchange. More than production, we value the applicant’s sincerity throughout the residency period. We do not encourage any last-minute changes in terms of travel or working schedule – it is not only about the outcome but also about fostering collective harmony and project growth. Here are some principal clauses that applicants should be aware of in advance:

– Once selected for the residency, the foundation will provide a detailed contract. Applicants must fill out the contract to participate, and it is mandatory.

– The foundation will provide travel support (expenses from the applicant’s location to the residency, including return travel, and scheduled field trips during the residency are covered. However, any other personal travel or additional costs beyond the program schedule are not included), but other than for strong circumstantial reasons (reviewed by the foundation), we will not reschedule the applicant’s journey. If the applicant wishes to make changes, they will bear the costs.

– Selected applicants are expected to complete the program; unless there are strong circumstantial reasons (reviewed by the foundation), leaving without mutual discussion will require the applicant to refund the support provided for their travel arrangements.

– Applicants must share a final report along with two newly produced works during the residency. These deliverables will be archived by the foundation.

– In addition to these submissions, we expect applicants to prepare a body of work for our open studio and future exhibitions and outreach programs organized by the foundation.

– If applicants wish to continue their proposed work after the residency, the foundation would like to know the plan of action and reasons, so that we can provide an extended contract for collaboration with our curatorial body.

Location: Chilika (Balugaon), Odisha

Duration: 19th June – 30th June 2024.

Applications can be submitted between the 14th of May 2024 and the 2nd of June 2024  

Deadline for Application: 2nd of June 2024, 23:59 Hours (IST)

For inquiries and applications, contact email:

Application Form: Link