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Our Team

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Our Team

Piyush Bavalia

Co-Founder and Director

The second brain shaping ideas at Dot Line Space is that of Piyush Bavalia. He is quiet, composed and almost meditative. This zen demeanour reflects in his abstract paintings, which come heavily inspired from nature and its many elements. Making visually impactful graphics may be his forte at Dot Line Space, but he also enjoys imparting these nuanced skills to students. Piyush believes that art should move you - it should make you feel, rather than make you think. A man of few words, he prefers to work behind the scenes, making sure everything is in line with the workings of Dot Line Space.

The vision to make art more accessible to a larger audience, than to just a handful of connoisseurs in the industry helps him tread along this path with more vigour. He wants to break the pre-conceived notions that make the art industry so self-enclosed and serious, and wants to add a whiff of lightness to it. With an eye for detail, he manages everything from events to workshops to back-end work, all very meticulously. The fluidity of his thoughts takes the form of abstract expressions on his canvas. Piyush's conscientious and calm personality translates into his work and helps Dot Line Space sail through effortlessly.