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Our Advisors

Some words about our advisors
Our Advisor

Dr. Douglas John

Artist & Professor at Sir JJ School of Art

A teacher, motivator and a friend, John sir, as we fondly call him, has been a guide ever since we were introduced to him at Sir JJ School Of Art. He was the one to propel the idea of Dot Line Space and help us make the realization that art needs to be reached out to more people. Our journey with him began in a classroom, but it went beyond the confines of those four walls, and today, we lean on him for advice in matters concerning work and more. He instilled in us the core values required to stand out in a world full of perplexities and marketed mediocrities.

Stressing on the importance of having a strong, individual voice, he always encouraged us to go the extra mile and continues to do so even today at Dot Line Space. Through his proficiency in the field, we have absorbed so much and have grown immensely. He affirms the need to break stereotypes in the world of art and make it more comprehensible.

Apart from being our go-to person and respected professor, John Sir is also an artist with lot of murals and portraits paintings to his credit. He finds inspiration in everything that surrounds him and tries to attain a sense of serenity through his work. We owe a large part of our creative understanding to him, and we continue to grasp every bit of his valued insights at Dot Line Space.