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Our Advisor

Dr. Anurag Kanoria

Director at Nine Fish Art Gallery

A curator and promoter of art, Dr. Anurag Kanoria, is the man behind the subliminal, Nine Fish Art Gallery at Byculla. Kanoria is a teacher of art theory and mentors many young artists. Turning a run-down textile mill into an art arcade that houses some of the country's finest art works, was realized by him in the year 2002, when he started his first lifestyle store, The Great Eastern Home. In 2016 he started Nine Fish, which, by many people is considered to be the most beautifully conceived art gallery in India.

Dr. Kanoria's expertise in the field of art lends itself organically to us, at Dot Line Space. From carefully hand picking artists to collating their works to hosting events, he does it all with close attention to detail and his characteristic panache. Extremely discerning, observant, and hospitable, Dr. Anurag helps us push our boundaries and go beyond our limits. He helps in identifying potential talent for this platform and furthers our quest for originality. At Nine Fish, he aims at making an art ecosystem that breeds supreme talent in the country, and endeavours to make it a confluence of varied art genres.

Poised and articulate, Dr. Kanoria is the man we fall back on for creative direction and enlightenment. We have entrusted his erudite mind to bring out the best at Dot Line Space. Adding credibility to our vision, his understanding about the minute details of art and culture are of paramount importance to us. We aspire to learn from him and grow, one event at a time.