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About Us

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About Us

Who We Are

At Dot Line Space, we create, curate, collaborate and celebrate art in its diverse forms. We are three different individuals bound together with one singular vision, and this vision became a tangible reality in the year 2015 when we graduated from the prestigious, Sir JJ School of Art with degrees in Fine Arts.

Since its inception, Dot Line Space has strived to become an art platform – from murals, paintings, sculptures, installations, set design to organising promotional art events, camps and workshops, we do it all. We're here to bridge the gap between creators, their works, students, the market, and you.

We believe in bringing together different art movements from around the globe and creating spaces which become talking points of historically diverse visual expressions. Our curation formats are imbued with sensitivity and debate, as we try to bring the regional arts and crafts of our country to the forefront. We aim to unleash each artist's true essence with absolute integrity through our art shows.

Art, we think, is a profound language. And we are here to convey its many nuances to you.

Our Team

Profect Expert

Founder and Director
Co-founder and Director